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Introduction to Dopepool Finance

Dopepool Finance is a Decentralised Finance AI-powered yield optimiser mobile-app that allows users to build & track their Defi portfolios.
Dopepool Finance is a full-service protocol that can meet all Defi needs. It allows users to generate the best yield with their crypto, along with a premium & lowest fee decentralized prediction market feature. The founding team aims to build a decentralized one-stop platform in a secured and customer-first manner, where anyone with a supported wallet can interact with.
Users can select different yield enhancement vaults to construct their portfolio and monitor their performance with our dashboard. Transparency is one of our key goals while we hope to allow and educate all our users to understand what kind of risks they are taking in the decentralized finance space. Multiple risk parameters will be shown on each vault along with education and discussion sessions in the community.
The main idea of Dopepool is to allow our users to sit back and enjoy the interest payments from their investments. It offers easy and transparent tools to maximize user earning and cash flow from single token holdings, wide range of liquidity pools (LPs) and various yield farming opportunities in the Defi space.
Other than portfolio infrastructure & yield optimization, we believe a decentralized prediction feature will add significant value to our community where users benefit from their trade idea and market analysis. By introducing referral program, it will help expand our community while this feature will bring us into the USD 200+ billion online betting industry.
In terms of the roadmap, the founding team will constantly communicate with our community members and work out the product development direction. There are several products that we have in mind, including Borrow & lending marketplace, Perp exchange, on/off ramp service (centralized), and mobile App development that can bring millions of people into Web3.
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